This new style 1 or 20 Meg resistor
was chosen to replace the old
style carbon film resistor. The
new style resistor is wire wound
65 watts, and has a tolerance of
10%. This resistor is physically
smaller that the old carbon film.
To install this resistor use the
top mounting hole for the top
standoff; a 1/4 inch hole will
have to be drilled through the
lower panel to mount the bottom
Lower standoff
Old 1 Meg resistor. This resistor was carbon film, 30 watts, and
Upper standoff had a tolerance of 10%. The length of the resistor was about 12
ELECTRICAL BOX inches, and the diameter was about 1 inch.
The set of six blue resistors was used to replace the 1 Meg or 20 Meg
while the standard resistor was unavailable from the OEM. The blue
resistor, when used for replacing the 20 Meg resistor were series paralleled
13 Meg ohms; when used for replacing the 1 meg were series paralleled 1
Meg ohm.