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For over 78 years Hawkinson has offered experience, support and knowledge of high quality retreaded tires and tire maintenance. Hawkinson's Seamless Retreading Process eliminates waste and high costs generally associated with precure — creating an eco-friendly tire.

Technology such as Hawkinson's NDT (a high-voltage tire inspector designed to detect flaws during initial or final inspection) is standard equipment for retreaders like Bandag, Goodyear and Michelin. The NDT electronic nail hole detector ensures casing integrity in the vulcanizing process.


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Hawkinson is continuing to "Go the Extra Mile" for you and the environment…one retread tire at a time. Hawkinson retreads require only 7 gallons of oil to produce, a 15 gallon savings over manufacturing a new tire. With 281 million used tires generated annually there is a great opportunity to save billions of gallons of oil every year.

At Hawkinson, we're going the extra mile to provide safe, reliable retreads.

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